About Us

Established 2008 by Christina Hooker

While working behind the chair as a cosmetologist, I have learned so much about hair care and styling. I have spent countless hours with many clients who have struggled with issues of severe hair damage, hair loss, hair weakness, and negative impact on their physical wellbeing. Who knew that hair health could have such a profound impact?

What I realized in time is that they suffered due to the lack of honest and thorough information about  hair care and recommendations. The hair community needed a professional who cares and who chooses the brands they use based on a strict safety and quality criteria - not based on money or clout.

I only accept the very best products for myself, my family, and my clients - and I am happy and grateful to be able to share that guidance with you, no matter where you are. This is where quality and safety always come first.

Here, you’ll find a list of at home hair care recommendations, and if what you need isn’t covered, reach out! 

The Stylists

  • Christina

    Owner & Master Stylist

  • Jessica

    Master Stylist

  • Abbie